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Tradition and innovation


Tuscany and Veneto

The kitchen

Tuscany and Veneto, two lands with real flavors, meet in the kitchen of Il Battibecco thanks to the origins of its two chefs:

Chef Enrico, guarantee of accuracy and professionality, and the young          Chef Lorenzo, creative and innovative … An intriguing mix!

Handmade pasta

Fresh pasta, handmade by us everyday, with love

Fresh Fish

From the sea to our kitchen because quality and freshness come first

Variety of meat

Reflecting the Tuscan and Venetian tradition

Selected Wines

Passion and competence: a wine list with more than 200 labels


The Peposo of Fornacina

A special dish with ancient origin with a very special spicy flavor, as the name “Il Peposo” (peppered) says.

It is something that is the spirit of the restaurant itself: a country house close to the city where time becomes a pleasure to share.

A dish that made Il Battibecco restaurant part of the “Buon Ricordo Association” that keeps the values of the Italian hospitality and cuisine.



It would not be “Il Battibecco” if a lively confrontation were missing, if ideas and opinions were not excanged.

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