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Host someone at our table it means taking care of his happiness during the time that passes under our roof


Cuttings of Tuscan cold meats and toasted slices of bread with a variety of toppings
Pit-aged Pecorino cheese (Pecorino di fossa) with truffle flavoured honey and eggplant marinated with aromatic herbs
Carpaccio of deer meat with French cheese tasting
Sicilian stuffed sardines with buttered potatoes and cucumber cream
Carpaccio of tuna, salmon and swordfish
Tuna tartare with crusty bread sheets, yogurt cream and coriander


Risotto with pistachio cream, clams and candied lemon peel
“Gnudi” with ricotta cheese,  pine nuts and capers with zucchini cream
Blueberry noodles on robiola cheese and rocket fermented with slices of salted meat
“Gragnano linguine”  with green beans and swordfish
Smoked eggplant tortelli, burrata and roasted tomato coulis


Cinta Senese pork fillet stuffed with zucchini and Taleggio cheese
Tempura cod with milk sauce and toasted almonds
Duck breast with Borettane small onions, “friggitelli” peppers and cheese cream
Medallion of eggplant, leek and smoked scamorza on a bed of hummus
Zucchini pie with crescenza cheese,  dried tomatoes and curry
Fillet with truffle
Florentine steak for two people
Sliced beef with rocket for two people
Grilled vegetables with scamorza cheese

Special memory

Peposo alla fornacina (beef stew with pepper), a special dish with ancient origin with a very special spicy flavor. Ordering this dish, you will receive a ceramic plate hand painted in Vietri, as a gift

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